Excellent Product!!

Excellent product!! Super helpful from the very first time I used it! Easy to use and immediately saw a difference in a more powerful and consistent swing.

Ashlie Dwyer-Beck
September 11, 2016

Cheap and Effective Training Tool

Great tool to teach my 8 year the proper alignment of his hands during his swing. Comes in numerous sizes so the product ‘grows’ with your kid. This is a very simple training tool that you can take with you anywhere without feeling like you’re lugging half your garage around (nets, hit sticks, buckets of balls, etc.)

A. Geary
August 2, 2016

Great value, great comfort, great results, GREAT product!!

Just got the Re-Grip today for my 6 year old. I could see immediate improvement in his swing. The ease of use and comfort made using this aid a breeze. Some of the other batting aids we have purchased are cumbersome and ineffective. Super happy I found Re-Peat Sports. The price was good for the three grips we got, so my son can use them as he grows. Definitely keeping an eye on Re-Peat!!!
Brian Tracks LLC
August 6, 2016

Great product

My team was given sample units prior to being sold (10 year olds). About half of them used them regularly and the ones that used them saw an immediate difference in their swing. The players that used them, played in both practice and games with them without any problems. There was about an even split of players using them with or without gloves. If they used gloves they just had to use a size or two bigger. A couple of players could not use them at all because their batting gloves were way to big to fit the product right (not a product issue the kids needed proper fitting gloves anyway). My son doesn’t hit without his anymore.

August 8, 2016

A great value in the expensive world of youth baseball

We’ve spent an inordinate amount of money on equipment and tournament fees over the years so I’m blown away by what I received for $13. Developing a consistent swing has been difficult for us as my son struggles with some of the more meticulous details. He ends up “overthinking it” when it comes to all of the different instructions we give him before stepping into the box. This tool has given him muscle memory as far as his grip is concerned so we can focus on other details.

I like how the product comes in multiple sizes. I have no idea what size my kids fingers are so it took the guesswork out of it and gives us room to grow and use the product with or without batting gloves. Highly recommend.

Amazon Customer
September 7, 2016

Such a great product, that to be honest at first I …

Such a great product, that to be honest at first I was kind of skeptical. “A small rubber piece? That will improve my sons swing? No way!” But long and behold my son now no longer lets go of the bat. He has an awesome follow thru now, one that actually puts all the energy from his motion into the bat and transfer to the ball. Letting go of his hands was the biggest struggle we’ve had and now that struggle is gone. I love the product and for the price, you can’t beat it. It’s way cheaper than any hitting coach I’ve ever seen and twice as effective!

Ashley Martin
August 26, 2016

Awesome product!

I used this product one time for batting practice and just by changing my grip on the bat, I was able to knock it out into the outfield! As an adult softball player and female, my typical hot was a grounder to short or third base, however, just changing my grip slightly by using this too, I was able to knock it deep into the outfield! Awesome product!!!

Heather Crain
September 12, 2016

Five Stars

Excellent product! Works as described, and is very well made. Thank you Re-Grip!!

August 8, 2016

Fantastic training aid!

The Re-Grip is great! Lines up the knuckles for proper grip without getting in the way. Makes coaching the fundamentals that much easier and allows you focus on other aspects of the swing.

Chad K.
August 7, 2016

…his hands and made him a more consistent hitter love the product

My son is 10 it did wonders for him it aligned his hands and made him a more consistent hitter love the product!

Brett Bush
August 2, 2016

Great Hitting Tool

My son plays 14u Baseball and we tried this product. It really helped with his swing speed and he is a switch hitter and works great for right or left handed batter. He shared with his team and the results really showed in the cage with the rest of the team.

Brian Hinson
February 28, 2017

Thank You

The item was just as it was described and it is working to help improve my child’s grip with their swing. Thank you Re-peat Sports for your product!

Jamal Pointe
May 6, 2017

Excellent Product

Excellent product and it shipped faster than anything I’ve purchased recently.

Joe Don Casey
April 19, 2017

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