Watching a great fielder is a thing of beauty; there is a grace that comes with the play of someone that has great glove control. When I first started coaching my five year old son, I found that T-Ball is not a thing of beauty and there is nothing graceful about it. There are so many things that do not come naturally to a young baseball player. At that age, nobody wants to work on fielding; everyone wants to hit.

Over the next couple of years coaching young kids, I found the task to be very challenging. While coaching, I found myself constantly saying “Two-Hands,” whether it was fielding or catching the ball. Young kids don’t like to use two hands because it puts them in front of the baseball and a flying baseball is a scary thing for a young player learning to catch. However, you have to be in front of the baseball to field or catch the ball correctly. Like most coaches, I started looking for a good tool to help young players learn how to field the ball with two hands. In my search, I couldn’t find anything that was user friendly for teaching a young player how to correctly catch a ball while using their own equipment. A flat glove or pancake glove was the best option I could find and it was not a great option for kids struggling to use their own glove. It also was not a good option to work on other aspects of fielding and throwing.

After I couldn’t find a good option for kids, I set out to make something. I ordered some cheap magnets from Amazon and bought some underwear elastic from a local store. I use electrical tape to secure the magnets to the elastic and gave them to my son to test out. The test did not go well; elastic and magnets are not a good combination. I quickly learned that my son hated the product, since he just got smacked in the wrist with some magnets, but I was onto something. Little did I know our company would be founded with magnets, underwear elastic, and some electrical tape.

Around that same time, I began working with my Co-Founder of Re-Peat Sports, Matt Mitchell, and we continued experimenting with some different designs and materials. However, we continued to come back to magnets because it allows a player free usage of their hands, while utilizing their own equipment. We tested a bunch of different strengths, shapes, and kinds of magnets, finally finding the right ones. As we tested different materials, we finally came up with a design that would allow us to make the Re-Link out of silicone. We wanted our product to look good, function properly, and provide a consistent experience for all of our customers.

It is hard to believe what the product looks like now, when thinking about how it all started. The Re-Link is finally ready for launch, so the product that started Re-Peat Sports will be shipping out in February. Our pre-order is open! Now this isn’t the kind of pre-order you hope that you get your product. All Pre-orders are refundable up to the ship out date and you will get a well-made, fun to use, and effective tool to that re-inforces proper fundamentals when fielding and throwing the ball.

Tim Akin, Co-Founder President Re-Peat Sports