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Re-Peat Sports mission is to propel athletes forward by providing high-quality, innovative, low-cost, athletic training equipment that focuses on re-peatable behaviors


The Re-Grip consistency trainer creates consistent muscle memory — so the stage is set for a proper swing plane, every time. With the Re-Grip, proper habits are re-enforced and bad habits are broken from the start.


The Re-Link drives correct fielding and throwing, while enhancing player speed and efficiency. Fundamental skills become easy with the Re-Link! Plus, players can also use their own equipment, so they practice in a game-like environment.


The Re-Form is designed to extend the life of your glove by maintaining its shape and form, while also protecting it from the elements. The Re-Form sustains the glove so you’re always ready to play for years to come!

Do a Little a Lot!

Do a little a lot! I heard a saying once that changed the way I coach and wish someone would have taught me as a player, “Do a little a lot, not a lot a little”. Let that sink in a little. This phrase can do wonders for someone’s work ethic and effectiveness. Believe...
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The Start

Watching a great fielder is a thing of beauty; there is a grace that comes with the play of someone that has great glove control. When I first started coaching my five year old son, I found that T-Ball is not a thing of beauty and there is nothing graceful about it....
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Successful Hitting is About Consistency

Successful hitting is about consistency and timing!  Consistency results from repetition with good fundamentals.  Repetition by itself is not good enough and good fundamentals without repetition is not enough. Without enough repetition, you won't maintain strong...
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Thank you for visiting us! Take a look around and feel free to contact us with any questions.
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